We support those who defend our nation.

We support those who defend our nation.

Donovan Capital Group (DCG) is an investment firm that makes non-control structured equity and mezzanine debt investments in profitable, lower middle market companies that can strengthen the national security of the United States.  

Through our unique relationship with the U.S. Department of Defense and Intelligence Community, DCG adds value by financing and accelerating the growth of commercial companies into the government channel.  

About Us


Our Thinking

The United States is in a Sputnik Moment. Facing a growing threat from foreign adversaries who actively steal and compromise our technology, the United States must act to maintain its technological edge, economic prosperity, and national security. That requires Americans to invest in American businesses developing technologies of the future, and those businesses to work with the U.S. Government to strengthen our national security. 


Our Value Add

Companies that work with the U.S. Government generate significant long term value because they can access one of the largest customers in the world.  However, companies often lack the resources and expertise to pursue and navigate the challenges of doing business with the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community. DCG drives value by solving this problem.   


Our Approach

DCG is more than capital. In addition to utilizing our extensive relationships and government experience, we partner with our companies to help them get their technologies into the hands of those on the frontline.

  • Procurement Platform: Portfolio companies have access to a proprietary platform, powered by the Boone Group, of national security and contract capture experts. 
  • Clean Capital:  DCG invests Trusted American Capital into Trusted American businesses, better positioning them to compete for the most sensitive contracts. 
  • PE Approach: Structured equity provides a tailored solution to the acquisition cycle for companies with traditional growth curves.  


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